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Hi, I’m David.

Founder of Thrive Media. Co-founder of Young Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin.

Entrepreneur. Creator. Connector. Learner. Leader. Visionary. Builder. Thinker. Doer.

I like building and creating things — whether that be a business, a daily routine, a stunning photograph, an automated system, a relationship with another human, a habit-tracking spreadsheet, a community of like-minded people, a knowledgeable mind, or a beautiful website.

I am passionate about: Learning. Creating. Improving. Impacting. Business. And my loved ones.

If you have any questions, an inquiry, or would like to connect, just shoot me a message.

To learn about my business, Thrive Media, tap here.

To learn about Young Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin, tap here.

To view my photography portfolio, tap here.

All my best,